About Us

 The Communication Corner was created to provide a web of support to parents, caregivers, educators and providers relating to overall child development with a more specific focus on communication and feeding. Our mission is to provide resources relating to child development and developmental delays to facilitate caregivers and providers as they care for growing children. We hope to address the questions and concerns of anyone who is part of the team that it takes when raising a child. 

 The Communication Corner

About The OWNER


Renee Siddell, MS, CCC-SLP

Renee graduated with a bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences from Southern Illinois University.  She then moved to Arizona to complete her Master's in Speech-Language Pathology.  Renee has over 10 years of experience working with children.

She continues to reside in Arizona and has had the opportunity to work in home health, the public school setting, and early intervention.  Renee found her true passion to be in working with young children within the early intervention program.  She enjoys supporting the families and forming a more personal connection with those that she serves.

In 2018 Renee completed her first DIR Floortime training.  She went on to complete additional training and is currently an Advanced Floortime provider.   Her specialties include Autism, Communication Delays in young children , and Feeding Disorders.

Renee started The Communication Corner as a way to provide support to families who would like to learn more about child development and how to help  their children to meet their developmental milestones.  Renee knows that each child is unique and hopes that she can reach more families through online and virtual services, as well as help families to connect in order to provide suggestions, strategies, and assistance to other families in need.